Musical instruments


the electronic musical instrument

The sound generators in this instrument are five wi-fi modems and routers. Each of them is attached to a coil with a steel core, reading electromagnetic emission devices. The signal is read by magnetic sensors. A large range of sounds is generated based on the principle of working with an error. It occurs due to a voltage change from 0 to 12 V or a restarting.

Created: 2018

This musical instrument is in a single copy in the collection of the author.

Participation in concerts and festivals (selected):
  • "Machine sketch", Oktava industrial cluster, Tula, 2018
  • "ProtoArt", the Central exhibition hall Manege, St. Petersburg, 2018
  • "Performative Sound Sculptures" — Inter Arts Center, Malmö, Sweden, 2018
  • "På Den Anden Side" — the Møn island — Corbella, Denmark, 2018