Sound Sculptures


spatial sound installation

Transparent balls with seeds come to oscillation under the influence of vibration created by built-in motors-eccentrics. The frequency of vibration is determined by the controller. The sound of each bowl there is a differentiation in timbre and volume through a variety of filling: seeds, coffee beans, nuts etc.

Sound vibrations are the first sign of awakening activity in the source. Every seed, every idea, every personality strives to fulfill its purpose. "SeedShaker" embodies the stage of development, when the power not yet manifested is preparing for its disclosure, concentrating in itself the totality of all available opportunities.

Created: 2018

Participant of the exhibition projects: Art Prospekt international public art festival (St.Petersburg, 2018),
"The Name of the Rivers": PERMM contemporary art museum (Perm, 2018)
"Fructus Temporum": Hortus contemporary art gallery and NCCA (Moscow, 2018),
solo exhibition "SonoContour: sound architecture": Erarta contemporary art museum (St.Petersburg, 2019)

The finalist of the Kuryokhin contemporary art Award in the category "The best media object" 2018 (short-list)

 One version of the installation is in the collection of the PERMM contemporary art museum.