Sound Sculptures


spatial sound installation

The name is derived from 'random' and 'tala' (sanskr.) - rhythm.

12 strings in real time form a non-repeating rhythmic pattern in space. Rotating around its own axis, the flywheel shifts three plectrums along a circular trajectory. The sound of each of the twelve strings has its continuation in a quadrophonic speaker system.

Created: 2017

The participant of the solo exhibition "SonoContour: sound architecture": Erarta contemporary art museum (St.Petersburg, 2019),
"Jung's map of the soul": The Ground Gallery (Moscow, 2018),
"ProToArt": Manege Central exhibition hall (St.Petersburg, 2018),
"Here and now": Manege Central exhibition hall (Moscow, 2018),
"Between Heaven and Earth": East Meets West Gallery (Moscow, 2019)