Announcements of exhibitions and concerts with Sergey Filatov
Venice Biennale
"May you live in interesting times"
11 May – 24 November 2019

As part of the main program of the 58th Biennale
(curator Ralph Rugoff,
in frame of the collective project of Tarek Atoui
is presented the sound installation of Sergey Filatov
with new author's musical instrument "DuoFluctus"

Giardini Central pavilion, Venice
Ongoing exhibitions
Exhibition of nominees
X annual contemporary art
Kuryokhin Prize for 2018

April 20 – May 18, 2019

Sergey Filatov's sound installation
"SeedShaker: waiting for a favorable environment and the right time"
is presented
in the category "Best media object"

Kuryokhin Contemporary Arts Center, St. Petersburg
The art of being
6 March - 2 June 2019

The exhibition is dedicated to unlocking the potential of contemporary art in an inclusive environment.

State centre for contemporary art
Moscow, Zoologicheskaya str., 13
April 4 – May 12, 2019
Sound art gallery SA)) _gallery presents a joint exhibition of Alexander Senko and Sergey Filatov.

Technological devices communicate with each other and interact with an 8-channel algorithmic composition created with mathematical rules.

Vernissage 4 April, 19:00
Electromuzeum, Moscow, Rostokinskaya – 1
Atlas VMayakovsky
Sound sculpture "Clicking Coil" in the context of a large-scale interdisciplinary project of the State Tretyakov gallery, the State Museum of V. Mayakovsky and the film company 2Plan2.

Moscow, State Tretyakov gallery

Past events

Epic fail
March 1 – April 19, 2019
There are presented the artworks of 40th contemporary artists.
Most of the works are exhibited for the first time.

Artists: Vera Martynov, Olga Tobreluts, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai, Sergey Filatov and others.

Gromov House of culture
St. Petersburg, Gromova str., 4
March 30 – April 21
The Solyanka gallery presents "SeedShaker: waiting for a favorable environment and the right time", spatial sound installation by Sergey Filatov.

At the opening of the exhibition will be a
performance "When I am Wind":
Sergey Filatov – sound,
Alexander Zubarev – performing.

State gallery Solyanka VPA, Moscow
it's not too late to learn about modern music
April 6, 2019
Michael Bail – Caravan
Francesco Filidei – I funerali dell' Segantini
Alexander Schubert – Scanners
John Сage – Story (from Living Room Music)
Georges Apergis – 7 Crimes de L'amour
Steve Reich – Clapping music

Sound architecture by Sergey Filatov

Practika Theatre, Moscow
The Art of Being: artist-talk and concert by Sergey Filatov
March 19, 2019
19:30 – 21:30

Open discussion with the artist Sergey Filatov in the framework of the parallel program of the exhibition "The Art of Being"

National centre for contemporary art
Moscow, Zoologicheskaya str., 13
When I am Wind
audio-plastic performance
April 12, 2019
Sergey Filatov – sound
Alexander Zubarev – movement

... the viewer is able to see the outlines of the sound
and hear the formation of the body biography ...

State gallery Solyanka VPA

The Clouds of Overtones
Spatial Sound Performance
April 17 at 8:30 p.m.

The leading role in his sound performance has 26-strings Electrolyre. Strings' oscillation generates a cloud of overtones – multidimensional harmonic sound without definite tone. The performance will be held in a quadraphonic regime.
CCI Fabrica, Moscow
5 March 2019
Community with the support of the Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow, the Solyanka VPA state gallery and the GROUND Khodynka gallery
present a concert of radical sound experience.

GROUND Khodynka
Moscow, Levchenko str., 2

3 March 2019
Moscow Museum of modern art, Vadim Sidur Museum and community present a concert of experimental electronic music.

Valdemar Kristensen (Denmark)
Sergey Filatov (Russia)

Vadim Sidur Museum,
Moscow, Novogireevskaya str. 37A

Concert in the NCCA
2 March 2019
Experimental electronic music with an emphasis on author's modular DIY synthesizers.

Waldemar Christensen (Denmark)
Sergey Filatov (Russia)

National centre for contemporary art
Moscow, Zoologicheskaya str. 13

Field. Wave oscillation
27 February 2019

Sergey Filatov, Dmitry Remezov (electronics)
and the soloists of the ensemble Kymatic:
Anton Izgagin – cello,
Alexey Chichilin – guitar,
Sergey Khramcevich – saxophone

State gallery Solyanka VPA
Moscow, Solyanka st., 1/2
Concert in the dark
20 February 2019
Concert of electroacoustic music,
participants: Andrey Berezin and Sergey Filatov

"Art center Moscow"
15 Volkhonka street, Moscow
Nebula. Оctophonie
17 February 2019

Musicians with contrasting background will perform in the framework of the experimental program.

Sergey Filatov and Dmitry Mazurov will present their thoughts on the topic of modern electroacoustics and club underground.
The concert will be held in 8-channel format.

"Stanislavsky ElectroTheatre"
23 Tverskaya street, Moscow
The feeling of space

Collective exhibition of contemporary art:
the works of Ilya Kabakov, Leonid Tishkov, Eric Bulatov, Sergey Filatov, Konstantin Batynkov and other artists are built in the form of a dialogue, where scientific discoveries and the world of romantic ideals intersect.

National centre for contemporary art, Moscow
Field. Rustle
spatial sound performance-laboratory
16 February 2019

Daria Novokreschenova – piano, objects;
Lev Solodovnikov – violin;
Dmitry Shubin – piano, electronics;
Sergey Filatov – author's sound generators.

State gallery Solyanka VPA
Moscow, Solyanka st., 1/2

8-9 February 2019

This festival is dedicated to the all-Russian day of science and the completion of the international exhibition art&science Museum PERMM project "New state of the living."

Shpagin factory, Perm

Concert of electronic music
1 February 2019
Presentation of new album released by Omniauris label

Sergey Filatov and Nikolay Golikov

GROUND Khodynka
Levchenko street, 2, Moscow
December 22-January 17

Exhibition project of the PERMM Museum of contemporary art with the participation of sound sculptures by Sergey Filatov (SeedShaker, Long wave, Interpreter, Acusmatic Box, Rotator)

Yekaterinburg, Yeltsin Center
the phantom forms
29 December 2018

concert of electroacoustic music

Ivan Bushuev - contrabass flute
Dmitry Mazurov - ekantele
Sergey Filatov - electrolyre

Concert hall gallery "Belyaevo", Moscow
22 December 2018

Audio-visual performance with KYMATIC ensemble.

December 19 at 14:00 will be held a lecture by Sergey Filatov "Sound art: history and practice" in the framework of the educational seminar " Development of inclusive Museum tours»

Moscow, Basmanny district Museum
Homo Mechanicus
30 November 2018

Concert of experimental music.

Organizers: ROSIZO and NCCA within the framework of the program "Visual Context".

National centre of contemporary art, Moscow
On December 7-8, 2018, the Moscow Museum will host an annual international conference on the development of the city and the role of the Museum in it.

Sergey Filatov among the invited speakers of the discussion "Feelings of the city" - December 8, 19:00.
20 October 2018

Sound sculpture "Platosonus" was awarded 1st place in the international competition of contemporary art Premio COMEL (Italy)
Premio C. O. M. E. L
6 October 2018
opening of the exhibition of finalists
of the international prize of contemporary
arts "Harmonies in Aluminium"
the Comel gallery (Latina, Italy)
The unprepared environment
3 October 2018
sound performance at the concert "Unprepared environment"
within 10 afterparty of the annual festival "Prepared environment"
(Science and art, Moscow)
29 September 2018
multichannel audio-visual performance at the festival Selector (Arkhangelsk)
Exhibition of "Sound-art laboratory"
29 September 2018
exhibition of sound sculptures laboratory "Sound art" under the leadership of Sergey Filatov at the festival Selector
Graphics exhibition
from 29 September 2018
exhibition of printed graphics in the printing house " Pravda Severa "(Arkhangelsk) in the framework of the festival Selector
Laboratory "Sound art"
24-28 September 2018
tutor of the Sound art laboratory of the international festival Selector (Arkhangelsk)
About the practice of sound art
23rd September 2018

lecture at the festival Selector (Arkhangelsk)
20-24 September 2018
sound installation in the arch of a house
at the international public art festival
ART Prospect (St. Petersburg)
Performative Sound Sculptures
20 September 2018
sound performance
in collaboration with Jacob Remin (Denmark)
at the public art festival ART Prospect
The practice of creating
16 September 2018
lecture at the school of young artist
(course "Holistic combinatorics")

Pro Arte Foundation (St. Petersburg)
Performative Sound Sculptures
September 7, 2018
Opening of exhibition:
Jacob Remin (DK) and Sergey Filatov

Inter Arts Center (Malmö, Sweden)
På Den Anden Side
September 1, 2018
Sound performance:
Jacob Remin (DK) and Sergey Filatov

Festival of contemporary art,
Western Møn island (Corbella, Denmark)
August 31-November 18, 2018

The exhibition project includes 4 sound sculptures and spatial installations by Sergey Filatov. The exhibition includes projects by 14 artists from Moscow, Perm and St. Petersburg: multimedia objects, water interactive installations and street art interventions. This is a large-scale research of water resources by means of contemporary art.

Museum of contemporary art PERMM (Perm)
Performative Sound Sculptures
30 August 2018, Mayhem, Kopenhagen

1 evening of concerts and performances at Mayhem
Adam Christensen (UK/DK)
Sergey Filatov (RU) & Jacob Remin
Orchid Domain
Halfdan Mouritzen
August 10, 2018
Daria Novokreschenova: piano,
Lev Solodovnikov: violin,
Sergey Filatov: DIY musical instruments.

Beginning at 19:00, gallery GROUND, Moscow
August 4, 2018
Lev Solodovnikov: violin,
Sergey Filatov: DIY music instruments

The Central Manege, Moscow

3 August - 3 October
The first exhibition of sound sculptures and spatial installations in the art gallery 'HORTUS' of the Moscow state University Botanical garden

Apothecary garden, Moscow
Quiet string evening
2 August 2018
Electro-acoustic duet:
Christine Kazarian: electric harp,
Sergey Filatov: DIY music instruments.

The Central Manege, Moscow
Here and now
1 — 20 Aug 2018
A multi-channel sound sculpture "RandomTala"will be shown at a large-scale review of contemporary art of the capital.
The Central Manege, Moscow
22-23 July
Exhibition of multi-channel works in residence of arts and technology Kvartariata

Kvartariata, Peterhof
21-22 July
Sound sculptures "Long wave" and "RandomTala" by Sergey Filatov

The Central exhibition hall Manege
St. Petersburg
Live performance
22 July 2018
The annual festival of contemporary art "ProtoArt"

Sergey Filatov - DIY sound devices, electronics

Central Exhibition Hall Manege
Homo mechanicus
July 13
Sound performance in GROUND, Moscow

Andrey Berezin - cello
Sergey Filatov - more musical instruments: magnetor, volnovod, electrocello, EM-case and EM-shaker.
Artist-talk and performance
July 8
Artist-talk about the author's project 'Omniauris' and live performance "Urban walks" on the territory of the legendary factory "Oktava".

Creative industrial cluster "Oktava", Tula
Lecture and performance
June 24
Lecture "DIY sound devices" and performance "Machine sketch" on the territory of the legendary Oktava factory.

The creative industrial cluster "Oktava", Tula
Petersburg 2103
June 20-July 15
Large-scale multimedia exhibition devoted to urbanism and the history of the city. Sound artist Sergei Filatov and photographer Alexander Gronsky explore the nature of today and new buildings in the field, wondering: does this not seem to be a reality?

Central exhibition hall "Manege", St. Petersburg
Infinite Ear
11 June
At the invitation of Tarek Atoui (France) and Garage Museum of contemporary art

The concert involves musical instruments from the project WITHIN, presented at the exhibition "Infinite Ear" and allow people to play music together with the deaf and hearing.

The Central gallery of Garage museum, Moscow
Usadba Jazz
2 - 3 June
Exhibition of sound sculpture to sound art dome within the experimental scene
international music festival "Usadba Jazz 2018"

Palace and park ensemble Arkhangelskoye, Moscow
Performative Sound Sculptures
4 - 14 May
Exhibition of sound art by Sergey Filatov and Jacob Remin (Denmark)

Ground Hodynka Gallery
Private life of radio frequencies
May 8 - June 2, 2018
Sound installation
"Long wave 150 - 40 kHz"

Central Museum of communication named A. S. Popov

St. Petersburg
Four interesting points on a smooth black surface
2 may 2018
Performance at the opening of the 10th annual festival of experimental music "Prepared environment"
ZIL cultural center, Moscow
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