Sound Performance

Concert as part of the exhibition "Infinite Ear"

Tarek Atoui (France), Robert Demeter (Norway), Kaya Olsen (Norway),
Mir Karim (Norway), Mats Lindstrom (Sweden), Sergey Filatov (Russia)

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
Moscow, 2018
Sound performance in the framework of the main programs of the 58th Venice Biennale "May you live in interesting times"

Tarek Atoui (France), Sergey Filatov (Russia), Alan Affichard (France),
Shane Aspegren (USA/China), Vivian Wang (Singapore), Igor Porte (France)

Arsenale Central pavilion, Venice
11 May 2019
Spatial sound performance at the opening of Sergey Filatov's personal exhibition "SonoContour"

Stefano Sgarbi, Gabriella Mazzola, Daniele Tartufi, Domenico Tomei,
Francesca Maroncelli, Ilaria Ferri, Federica Zianni, Dafne Crocella,
Valeria Amato, Sergey Filatov

COMEL contemporary art gallery
Latina, Italy
Solo concert "Clouds of overtones"

Sergey Filatov – ElectroLire, Magnetor, electronics

ElectroLire is the author's musical instrument with an innovative principle of playing technique.
Vertically stretched strings come to oscillation under the action of an alternating magnetic field, made by the rotation of a flywheel with neodymium magnets.

More information: Music instruments
"Quiet string evening"

Concert in the frame of scale exhibition project "Here and Now"

Christine Kazarian – electric harp
Sergey Filatov – ElectroLire, DIY music instruments + electronics

The Central Manege
Moscow, 2018

Multi-channel sound performance

Sergey Filatov – DIY music instruments: Inosphere, Duofluctus, Magnetor, objects

Stanislavsky Electrotheatre
Moscow, 2019
Shimmering. Day 2
experimental music festival

Vladimir Gorlinsky – electro guitar, electronics
Alexey Sysoev – no input mixing board, electronics
Sergey Filatov – DIY music instruments, electronics

Moscow, 2019
Field. Wave oscillation
audiovisual performance

Sergey Filatov / Dmitry Remezov – Electronics
Anton Izgagin – Cello
Alexsey Chichilin – Electro guitar
Sergey Khramtcevich – Saxophone

GROUND Solyanka
Moscow, 2019
"Discovering sound"
spatial performance

Sergey Filatov – DIY sound instruments

Solyanka VPA State Gallery
Moscow, 2018
"EMV Shaker"
Live performance at the annual festival of contemporary art "ProtoArt"

Sergey Filatov – DIY sound devices, electronics

Central Exhibition Hall "Manege"
St.Petersburg, 2018
Field. Rustle: Part I

Daria Novokreschenova - prepared piano,
Lev Solodovnikov - violin,
Sergey Filatov - DIY music instruments.

Solyanka VPA State gallery
Moscow, 2019
Field. Rustle: Part II

Dmitry Shubin — prepared piano, electronics
Sergey Filatov — DIY music instruments, electronics

Solyanka VPA State gallery
Moscow, 2019
Nebula. Оctophonie

Sergey Filatov – ElectroLire, electronics
Dmitry Mazurov – VST instruments

Stanislavsky Electrotheatre
Moscow, 2019
"Homo Mechanicus"

Andrey Berezin – cello
Sergey Filatov – DIY music instruments, electronics

Ground Hodynka
Moscow, 2018
"Performative Sound Sculptures"
concert at Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Center

Jacob Remin - CFO synthesizers
Sergey Filatov - DIY modular synthesizer "Inosphere"

St.Petersburg 2018
"Performative Sound Sculptures"
spatial performance at SA))_gallery, Electromuseum

Jacob Remin - live coding, DIY sound devices
Sergey Filatov - DIY sound devices, objects

Moscow, 2018
"4 interesting points on smooth black surface"

Quadraphonic performance at 10th international festival
of experimental sound "Prepared environments"

ZIL cultural center
Moscow 2018
"Quiet string evening"

Christine Kazarian - electric harp, objects
Sergey Filatov - DIY music instruments, objects

Ground art gallery
Moscow 2017
Live performance at Sound Museum

Dmitry Shubin — prepared piano
Sergey Filatov — DIY music instruments

Saint-Petersburg, 2017
Solo concert

Sergey Filatov – DIY music instruments, electronics

Cyland MediaArt Lab
Saint-Petersburg, 2017