Sound Performance

Discovering sound

Sergey Filatov - live performance with number of sound objects and DIY sound instruments

Solyanka VPA State Gallery
Moscow, 2018
Live performance at the annual festival of contemporary art "ProtoArt"

Sergey Filatov - DIY sound devices, electronics

Central Exhibition Hall Manege
St.Petersburg, 2018
Common threads

Daria Novokreschenova - prepared piano,
Lev Solodovnikov - violin,
Sergey Filatov - DIY music instruments.

Ground Hodynka art gallery
Moscow 2018
Homo mechanicus

Andrey Berezin - cello
Sergey Filatov - DIY music instruments, electronics

Ground Hodynka art gallery
Moscow, 2018
Live performance at S. Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Center

Jacob Remin - CFO synthesizers
Sergey Filatov - DIY modular synthesizer "Inosphere"

St.Petersburg 2018
Performative sound sculptures. Live performance at SA))_gallery, Electromuseum

Jacob Remin - live coding, DIY sound devices
Sergey Filatov - DIY sound devices, objects

Moscow, 2018
4 interesting points on smooth black surface

Live quadraphonic performance at 10th international festival of experimental sound "Prepared environments"

ZIL cultural center
Moscow 2018
Quiet string evening

Christine Kazarian - electric harp, objects
Sergey Filatov - DIY music instruments, objects

Ground art gallery
Moscow 2017
Live performance at Sound Museum

Dmitry Shubin — prepared piano
Sergey Filatov — DIY music instruments

Saint-Petersburg, 2017
Secundo Vita project at the invitation of Cyland MediaArt Lab

Live performance with DIY music instruments at Taiga art space.

Saint-Petersburg, 2017
Fragment of the performance at the opening of the exhibition Pascal Pellan (France) at contemporary art gallery "LUDA"

Pascal Pellan — objects, field recordings
Sergey Filatov, Boris Shershenkov — DIY sound devices

Saint Petersburg, 2016
Multi-channel sound performance within the Laboratory of spatial electro-acoustics SEAL

Sergey Filatov — DIY turntable "27 RPM"
Boris Shershenkov — objects

St. Petersburg Sound Museum, 2015
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