Spatial sound performance and multichannel installations
The name of the project comes from two Latin roots, meaning "multidirectionality" and "ears". The project was born in 2014 as a sound theater.

The inspiring moment for the creation of this project was the observation of sound in the natural environment: each individual sound is harmoniously woven into the overall sound canvas, creating a unique, changing sound every second.

The practice of field recordings has been conducted since 2013. Attention is focused not only on the usual sounds of natural and urban environments, but also on barely perceptible micro-sounds.
The project is based on the idea of developing acoustic awareness, which presupposes a conscious concentration on the soundscapes created in real time.

To achieve the effect of spatial sound a multi-channel speaker system is used.
Sound performance is real-time work
with prepared author's field recordings and Studio material.
Multichannel speaker system is located in the space
taking into account the size and characteristics of the room.
The spatial sound installation is based on conceptually selected material, which is often field recordings of individual places.

The main idea is to recapture the state of the atmosphere taking into account maximum preservation of sound environment of the moment.

"Cold treatment"
multichannel installation within the "Russian Sound Art Showcase",
New York Electronic Arts Festival, New York, 2019

"Sitting on the bench"
multichannel installation
within the framework of the 11th festival of experimental sound "Prepared environments",
Cultural center Come-In, Moscow, 2019

"Post Office"
multichannel installation within the "Night of multichannel sound",
Sound Museum, St. Petersburg, 2019

"When I am wind"
audio-plastic performance in collaboration with Alexander Zubarev
State gallery Solyanka VPA, Moscow, 2019

"The feeling of Space"
National center for contemporary art, Moscow, 2018

"Cold treatment"
multichannel installation on the sound art zone
GAMMA international festival of contemporary music,
The QuartaRiata Residency of Arts & Technology, Peterhof, 2018

"Linden grove"

sound installation at the large-scale exhibition "Petersburg 2103", based on the author's field recordings, at the invitation of ITMO,
The Central exhibition hall Manege, Saint Petersburg, 2018

multichannel sound installation as part of the large-scale exhibition "Petersburg 2103»,
The Central exhibition hall Manege, Saint Petersburg, 2018

Spatial sound performance within SSI: NOISEROOM,
Kuryokhin Center of contemporary art, Saint Petersburg, 2018

Multichannel sound installation "All-metal car"
within the exhibition "Arrival of a train"
The organizer is the State center of contemporary art,
"Ekaterina" cultural Foundation, Moscow, 2018

"Looking for a floating point"
Spatial sound performance,
Stanislavsky Electrotheater, Moscow, 2018

"When I am Wind"
Audio-plastic performance,
Collaboration with Alexander Zubarev (actor, theater "8")
The GROUND gallery, Moscow, 2017

Sound performance "Omniauris"
in the framework of the exhibition of Denis Patrakeev "the World over".
Anna Nova contemporary art gallery, Saint Petersburg, 2017

Soundart installation "Harbor"
Exhibition-research Waterfront with the support of the Danish Institute of culture,
Port Sevcabel, Saint Petersburg, 2017

Deep listening sessions in the multimedia space Tessart, Saint Petersburg, 2017

"Suspended particles"
in the framework of a personal exhibition "Signs on the way".
The Lampa gallery, Saint Petersburg, 2017

"Sound around"
Sound performance with the use of 17 speakers
in the framework of the cycle "Pure experiment"
The Sound Museum, Saint Petersburg, 2016

"The weakening of the symptom"
Sound performance in the exhibition of Denis Patrakeev and Ivan Karpov.
Luda Gallery, Saint Petersburg, 2016

Spatial sound performance "con.txt"
Sound 7.0
The Gallery 2.04, Saint Petersburg, 2016

"25 sq. m. Metronome"
Sound performance.
Sound 8.0
Electromuzeum, Moscow, 2016

Ars Electronica 2015
Russian Sound Art Showcase
Sound installation. Sound 8.2
Austria, Linz, 2015
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